Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Tuesday, May 16th

Song @ 6am: Pinch Me - Barenaked Ladies

8am No Repeat Workday Kickoff Song: No Scrubs - TLC

CHFI Tune @noon
12:00pm: Alone -- Heart

5:00 Song Of The Day
5pm: Madonna-Into The Groove

c/o Pak and Glenn,
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MacGregrrrr said...

What was Two-fer-Tuesday's Song @ 6am?

Pinch Me - Barenaked Ladies

Kesali said...

MacGregrrrr is correct. PINCH ME worked.

pak said...

What was Tuesday's 8am No Repeat Workday Kickoff Song?

No Scrubs - TLC

-faith was correct when i posted - however - they often change the selections -- look at past posts

Kesali said...

Huh - I didn't realize they would change the selection afterwards. In any case I wasn't upset or anything, I just wanted the next person to be able to choose the correct song.

Did you see my post from today in reply to your post yesterday? (Posted on yesterday's song info). I'll let you know what my husband gets in reply.

pak said...

What was Tuesday's Tune @ Noon?

Alone -- Heart

pak said...

Bonus Code
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pak said...

What Was Two-Fer-Tuesday's CHFI 5:00 Song Of The Day?

Madonna-Into The Groove

Glenn said...

bonus code

long weekend

Anonymous said...

Folks, I just tried ELO for the Sunday song.
It is NOT the one.
At least, I narrowed it for others. Good luck!

Greg Kozak said...

what was the sunday rewind

pak said...

Which Artist Did Feature @ 11:25 on Sunday Morning Rewind?

Simply Red