Thursday, August 10, 2017

Thursday, August 10th

Song @ 6am:

8am No Repeat Workday Kickoff Song:

CHFI Tune @noon

5:00 Song Of The Day

c/o Pak and Glenn,
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pak said...

6 o clock song --

Black Velvet / Alannah Myles

Dani said...

Does anyone have the 6 am question available to answer?

My husband, daughter and I do not. Only 8 am, noon and 5 pm from yesterday show. It's 6:30 am as I'm typing this. Strange.

pak said...

still not there Dani

pak said...

remember - there was a FULL moon this week

pak said...

8 o clock song --
Mr. Jones / Counting Crows

still waiting for selections - to CONFIRM

pak said...

Toonage at Noonage --
bruno mars / lazy song

still waiting for the selections

pak said...

selections -now available - i stand by my earlier picks

Anonymous said...

Folks, no need to collect points....they end this late the year.
Spend your points as soon as you can!
Sad, but true!
All the best, and thousands of thanks to the host of this site!

pak said...

5 o clock song --
How to Save a Life / The Fray

Anonymous said...

Still no 5 pm selections???